Just downloaded the entire Divergent playlist on my iPod! I looked up the lyrics of each song, after reading why Veronica Roth selected each song to be apart of her Divergent playlist, and the songs seemed to be of written just for the book (which they weren't.)
There is one song called "Come alive" by The Foofighters from Veronica R.'s playlist. She says she feels the song describes Tobias's relationship with Tris, which it defiantly does. Another song from the playlist is Again by Flyleaf and Veronica R. says for her, it describes Tris's relationship with Tobias, which is also another perfect fit.
Anyone who hasn't atleast looked up the songs on YouTube, should defiantly check them out! Also the song Some nights by Fun is not on the official Divergent playlist but the song reminds me so much of Tris and her story after choosing and arriving at Dauntless. So stop reading and start jamming!!!
(A fellow Divergent fan site member mentioned how Some Nights was such a 'Tris Song' thanks for that, it's my new favorite song for that reason!)
Side note; This playlist can be found on pg.16 at the end of the Divergent book, with the book's extras.

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Comment by Isabella on January 22, 2013 at 11:42am

Veronica Roth's taste in music is amazing. I love Flyleaf and Foofighters are good. Both those songs utterly match their feelings for one another.

Comment by Anna on January 24, 2013 at 2:03pm

The song 'Blown Away' by Carrie Wood really describes Tobias's childhood. Especially the line in the song that goes "Daddy was a mean old mister, mama was an angel in the ground" (especially since most people believed she was dead, including Tobias up until recently when he received the coded message from her in Dauntless HQ.)

Comment by Paige on January 28, 2013 at 12:08pm

I think "Skyfall" by Adele is good for the end of the first book or parts of the second book. Also "Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, whith lyrics like "how to be brave," "How can I love when I'm afraid," "I have died everyday waiting for you," (because he was thinking of leaving Dauntless (I hope everyone here's already read the second book, oops)) and "Darlin' don't be afraid." It seems like a good song for Four to Tris.

Comment by Nikki on June 16, 2013 at 12:15pm

Well, I think the songs "Fire Starter," "Stronger," "Teenage Dream," "Gone, Gone, Gone," "Eyes Open,"and "Safe And Sound" all are really good songs for Divergent and Insurgent. They all remind me of Tris's and Tobias's characters, and also about the war and their families.

Comment by Tristina on July 4, 2013 at 8:04am
I thought "Radioactive" by imagine dragons is perfect for (SPOILER ALERT) when the dauntless are under the simulation.


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