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factions of the futuristic chicago

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Moms a big fan of Four Theo James

he is hot for a girl Love the filming locations there in my home town

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Quiz up

Have nothing to do and you've read all three books only about a million times, and you've already watched Divergent? I strongly recommend the app Quiz Up where they have a section just for the Divergent trilogy. My friend recommended it to me last night, and I haven't stopped since. It's sooo addicting, as you verse people from all over the world who are fans of divergent as well, and you test your knowledge on the trilogy. It tends to get competitive, but I think that makes it a lot better!…


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'Allegiant' jumps from one movie into two!

Summit Entertainment announces that Veronica Roth's 'Allegiant' will be adapted into two movies instead of one.  Making the 'Divergent' movie franchise a total of four films!

We are discussing this with our friends at…


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Divergent movie

So divergent finally premiered in Australia yesterday and I went and watched it today! IT WAS SO GOOD but that were soooo many changes! Like how Molly was so nice to Tris and how Tobias didn't even run the simulation... And I could go on forever but obviously those changes had to be made as you're trying to fit a story in 2 hours! My favourite scene would probably have to be Tris's intimacy fear landscape... Tobias is gladly welcomed to shove me onto a bed like that anyday, I don't know why… Continue

Added by Irene Phan on April 11, 2014 at 3:06am — 11 Comments

New England Book Signing?

I have noticed that a lot of authors for their book signing never come up the New England part of the country and honestly it can get very obnoxious. I wish that Ms. Roth would be willing to come up to Massachusetts or New Hampshire and see all of her fans from up here. There are plenty of us. Comment on this post you you agree with me. I, personally, just started the series but I would buy the book in an instant and I would have her sign it ASAP. I LOOOOOOOVE DIVERGENT!!!!!! Thanx guys!

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What Tobias Should Have Said to Tris When He Was Hand-cuffed in Allegiant.

Don't turn away 'cause there is something I just wanna say

I need you to stay, don't ask me why 'cause I don't even know

How I gave you my heart, I gave it all to you

Now there's no way that I can lose

Every little look inside your eyes

Is all it takes to…


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Bible Study website in development for Divergent and later the rest of the trilogy

I am doing a Bible study with my Youth group for Divergent and the Hunger Games trilogy as well.  It is based on the concept of Parables.  By drawing on familiar stories that are popular with teens, we are having interesting dialogues about morals, politics, human nature vs. God's nature, etc.  I have not gone public with it yet.  If you have an interest, contact me at  I am looking for feedback and guidance to possibly get it published this summer. 

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Ten things I love about Tris.

 There are so many things I love about Tris, here are a few of them.

  1. Her strength, that is so perfectly matched with weakness. 
  2. Her bravery that drives her too, as the Dauntless would say stand up for others and herself.
  3. Her ability to always have a catchy line. "It must be because you're so approachable, you know like a bed of nails." and..."That's sensible of you. We should find some paper so you can make a list or a chart or something.
  4. Her gentle…

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I took the divergent quiz three different types and i got DIVERGENT all of those times!!!!!!

Added by Katie Hoover on April 8, 2014 at 7:31am — 1 Comment


I swear I am slowly dying inside. One of my friends is like "divergent sucks like the actors suck and the story line is so predictable." and I'm like are you freaking serous this is one of the best film adaptations of a book I've seen in a while. These pansy cakes have no idea the struggles of a fangirl..... That gives me an idea, Someone(me) should create a book on the life of a fangirl

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Hi! So I went to see Divergent at the movie theatres for the second time yesterday, and once again, it was amazing! Although I am not very happy about all of the changes made and all of the scenes and people that were cut, I do understand the importance of making the movie shorter and comprehensive for the people who have not read the book.

For some odd reason that I do not know, Eric is my…


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never bloged

So... this is my first official blog and its about a book series and movie franchise I personally love. Sorry about any incorrect spelling or grammar, and one question, how do you like the cast of the divergent movie? Personally I really liked how they portrayed al all big, and gentle. So this is where I say, goodbye.

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Divergent Fashon: Dauntless Converse

Check out these custom Converse sneakers inspired by the faction Dauntless.


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My Fearlandscape

 I would have Spiders, sharks, the ocean, sting rays, jelly fish, and i am claustrophobic.


You all know how Tobias had four fears, and one of them was Tris dying? Well now he only has three, because he doesn't have to worry about it anymore.

Added by Dauntless Initiation Survivor on April 5, 2014 at 1:56pm — No Comments

Divergent, is my love!

Hi my name is Livia and im a really big fan of divergent. I believe divergent has a great message and Tobais and Tris were a match to be. Tobais's love to Tris was such a fresh of air. Those two would have been a successful family( would understand if read the last book). This series is extremely life changing, and an amazing message to be spoken about. Vericona is an amazing writer, and hope she writes books with such…


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super cute

... : NEW Divergent Still featuring Swoon Worthy Tris and Four moment

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Hey guys! I'm one of Theo James' biggest fans as well as my friend. I, and my friend, have read all three books of the series. I have read all of them three times. I took the faction quiz and got DAUNTLESS. YAY!!!!!!!!!! You can definately comment on my COMMENT WALL if you want. Bye.

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Going to Erudite.

 A big deal in the Divergent trilogy is Tris going Erudite head-quarters in Insurgent. Now yes I think what she did was wrong, but, she was in a really bad place then. And I'm sorry Tobias lovers but I don't think he was doing a very good job with helping her get out of that bad place. He was either ignoring her, keeping things from her, or yelling at her. I mean really Tobias? She can handle it when you're yelling at her, but she just can't handle your…


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Turning the Divergent Film into a Psychology Exercise

I have a long-time interest in the psychological theories that inspired the series and was lucky enough to get to share the film experience with a bunch of our psychology students here at Mary Baldwin…


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