If you're like me at all, you love music. It's one of the only things I like about Amity, the music. So what songs do you think have lyrics that express each factions ideals? Like, I think that Let the Flames Begin by Paramore would be good for Dauntless. So what songs do you think would go well for each faction, like a faction playlist? What songs do you think represent Divergence?

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Oh wow this is such a great idea! I think quite a lot of paramore's songs would go well with Dauntless, especially Tris' situation. I think Playing God would probably be one of the best 'Well maybe you should tie me up, so I don't go where you don't want me' referring to her tough descions on which faction to choose. Here's some of my ideas;


If Everyone cared- Nickelback

Summertime- My Chemical Romance

I'm In- keith Urban

Colours of the wind- Judy Kuhn


Everything I do (I do it for you)- Bryan Adams (aha)

I could die for you- Red hot chilli peppers

If Today Was your last Day- Nickelback


It ends tonight- All American rejects

100 suns- 30 seconds to mars

No, It isn't- +44


Sword and Shield- Sister Hazel

I'd Come for you- Nickelback

Mh 4.18.2011- Blink 182

My Sacrifice- Creed

This is War- 30 Seconds to Mars


Little Death- You Me at Six

You Need me, I don't need you- Ed Sheeran

All we Know- Paramore

Anthem Part 2- Blink 182


Decode- Paramore

Numb- Linkin Park

Closer to the edge- 30 seconds to mars

Dirty little secret- All American Rejetcs


Sorry most of these are rock, but I'm a rock gall, and music is my life. And I also know a song that would be perfect for Tobais and Tris, its called chapter 13, by +44. Sorry, thats a long list, i just thought it was a great idea, and I already had some songs in mind that went with the book! Stay Brave.






Hmmm... I always wanted to be in Amity until I read Insurgent, which kind of turned me off to amity, butI think for Candor a good song would be

Give Me Some Truth- John Lennon

Just Stop Lying and Tell Me the Truth

Haha, its great, I listen to basically rock, punk, alternative and metal, so this list definitely works for me... I fell in love with Divergent when I first read it last June and I bought Insurgent yesterday morning... I was late for school just so I could have my grandpa drive me to Barnes and Noble to get it... Music and books are the most influential things in my life, so I figured, hey, what about a faction playlist?. The best thing about Divergent is that it makes you think about yourself and everything... I've changed drastically since I read Divergent and chose Dauntless, its made my life better, and I the test said that I was Divergent--Dauntless and Erudite. 

And I say that everytime I leave somebody! I end letters and emails that way, to! Stay Brave. :)

Awesome, they're the best genres XD I started Divergent in March, the guy who works in the book store told me I had to read it, and god was I glad I took his advice. I went back to the same store on the 1st, the day it came out, and he was on the till, it made me smile. I have no doubt I will talk to him about it when i go back. Same here, all I do is read and listen to music. And draw and play guitar. It really does, it also makes you think about the key aspects of your personality, and how hard it would be if you could only choose one to live with. I would probably pick Dauntless too, they're so free and stick up for everything they believe in. My mum once said I'm the type of person who would never back down on something I stood for, even if it meant loosing everything, so Dauntless is for me I guess!

Haha, its a great phrase, I love it. Stay Brave! :D

I think one of the many great songs that fit Dauntless would be "Inner Ninja". Another might be "Werewolves of London" or "Manifesto". Any opinions on those?


Fangirl over DIVERGENT here!



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