You could base your answers on the book, or your moral values.

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I would choose Erudite. they aren't bad on their own, it's just because of Jeanine that they're hell bent on running the government. Jeanine thinks that because she's smart she should run everything. So she brainwashes the Erudite and eventually the Dauntless. But tris saved the day at the end :D. Jeanine sucks, the rest of the Erudite dont. End of story

I think that Dauntless and Erudite and Amity are the bad factions. You hurt innocent lives in Dauntless and all Erudite cares about is ruling the whole system and Amity does not even know what happens in the city because they live outside city boundaries. Only Candor and Abnegation are the best. Candor is a good faction because they are always truthful. Its better to make someone cry with the truth instead of a lie and making them smile. Without Candor, there would be no law and justice. Abnegation is also the best because they think about others first. But Marcus was an exception. It is right that selfless people should rule a city. That is why Chicago lasted so long. Erudite was selfish and wanted to rule and so they killed innocent lives of Abnegation. LONG LIVE ABNEGATION AND CANDOR!!!!!
Erudite is definetly the best. So many of our worlds problems would be resolved if everyone was educated. The worst faction is Dauntless. They risk their lives for cheap thrills,
Best: Dauntless
Worst: erudite because of what they are doing to abnegation and the divergent

I think people are forgetting what the book (Divergent) was all about. You can't just belong (or favor) one, without falling apart. you need all of the characteristics to function properly as a whole. No one said it better then Tobias himself. You need to be selfless, brave, smart, honest, AND kind. so asking what faction is best, is destroying the whole concept of Divergent.

Um, YES to the reply by Beatriz tho!!

Beatriz said:

I think one of the points of the Divergent topic is that, really, all of the factions are important.

Each faction has their good and bad things, but you're at a best when you at least have 2 of them and like Tobias said first, there is bravery in being selfless. There are times when simply the factions get mixed together in a single action.

Saying that, what I think would be best in general?
Abnegation, without the extremes. But think about it, some of the problems with all the other factions could be somewhat resolved with some selflessness.

What I think is the worst one?
Candor. No doubt. I mean, there's nothing wrong with saying the truth and what you have in mind. But you gotta be more careful about that. The only GREAT thing I find about Candor is the truth serum and only for extreme cases. Also, with that serum... What's really the point of living a life of saying everything in your mind and the truth? Just stick that serum in someone and there you have it lol
What I'm saying is... I find this one faction somewhat a lil bit useless.

Well this is probably opposite to everyone else, but I think that dauntless is the worst cuz they're always doing stupid stuff and they're not really proving bravery and the factions are supposed to live together peacefully giving each other helping hands but the dauntless are just sprinting around doing crazy stuff and helping no one. Sorry but that's my personal view.
I think the best one is amity - it's so nice and peaceful and help people without being really limited like the abnegation. They seem very free and help the community.

Best- Dauntless, Worst- Candor

To me the best is Erudite. don't hate me for it but i took the faction quiz and dauntless came up but i love learning. i mean who doesn't? i love dauntless but sorry. To me the worst is Amity. it may be shocking to you guys but who wants to live peaceful and friendly when you know your just being forced. Peace serum just defies the law of nature. if i were born Amity i would definitely move.I also hate candor they tell the truth too much... even the ugly truth its just too annoying them smart mouths. i would pick Dauntless even how much i am like an erudite i just some how cant resist the feeling of being dauntless. must be the adrenaline rush!

I think Dauntless is the best and Candor is the worst because who would want to tell the truth all the time i meant seriously who would


I personally believe that there is no best or worst Faction, they all have good, valuable sites and negative sites. 

My personal favorite Faction is Abnegation but I could never live that way. 

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