You could base your answers on the book, or your moral values.

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I would choose Erudite. they aren't bad on their own, it's just because of Jeanine that they're hell bent on running the government. Jeanine thinks that because she's smart she should run everything. So she brainwashes the Erudite and eventually the Dauntless. But tris saved the day at the end :D. Jeanine sucks, the rest of the Erudite dont. End of story

I think that Dauntless and Erudite and Amity are the bad factions. You hurt innocent lives in Dauntless and all Erudite cares about is ruling the whole system and Amity does not even know what happens in the city because they live outside city boundaries. Only Candor and Abnegation are the best. Candor is a good faction because they are always truthful. Its better to make someone cry with the truth instead of a lie and making them smile. Without Candor, there would be no law and justice. Abnegation is also the best because they think about others first. But Marcus was an exception. It is right that selfless people should rule a city. That is why Chicago lasted so long. Erudite was selfish and wanted to rule and so they killed innocent lives of Abnegation. LONG LIVE ABNEGATION AND CANDOR!!!!!
Erudite is definetly the best. So many of our worlds problems would be resolved if everyone was educated. The worst faction is Dauntless. They risk their lives for cheap thrills,
Best: Dauntless
Worst: erudite because of what they are doing to abnegation and the divergent

I think people are forgetting what the book (Divergent) was all about. You can't just belong (or favor) one, without falling apart. you need all of the characteristics to function properly as a whole. No one said it better then Tobias himself. You need to be selfless, brave, smart, honest, AND kind. so asking what faction is best, is destroying the whole concept of Divergent.

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