You could base your answers on the book, or your moral values.

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For me the best would be erudite and the worst dauntless. Don't get me wrong, I love all factions but I just love knowledge.

I think one of the points of the Divergent topic is that, really, all of the factions are important.

Each faction has their good and bad things, but you're at a best when you at least have 2 of them and like Tobias said first, there is bravery in being selfless. There are times when simply the factions get mixed together in a single action.

Saying that, what I think would be best in general?
Abnegation, without the extremes. But think about it, some of the problems with all the other factions could be somewhat resolved with some selflessness.

What I think is the worst one?
Candor. No doubt. I mean, there's nothing wrong with saying the truth and what you have in mind. But you gotta be more careful about that. The only GREAT thing I find about Candor is the truth serum and only for extreme cases. Also, with that serum... What's really the point of living a life of saying everything in your mind and the truth? Just stick that serum in someone and there you have it lol
What I'm saying is... I find this one faction somewhat a lil bit useless.

Best : Amity, including the peace serum

Worst: Dauntless - I love the people that we got to know but don't like the faction and its "rules"

I don't really know who is the worse faction. But to my morals, being selfless and brave are most important so I would say Dauntless and Abnegation are the best factions. Erudite provide education and knowledge we couldn't survive without so I wouldn't call them the worst faction, not all of them were evil. I would say Amity is the worst faction. They live in their own little world of peace and when war breaks out, don't do anything to help except the ones that drop out and become factionless. I also don't think peace can be easily found without a total wiping of the memory.

Amity. Amity is peaceful, who wouldn't want that? To keep a normal life, like outside the fence would be an honor in the futuristic Chicago. For the worst faction,no would have to say Erudite. They are manipulative and actually stay loyal to the saying, "faction before blood." That is just harsh and cruel.

Dauntless - best , Candor - worst.

I took a quiz and it said i was divergent so it's hard for me to pick a best.
Worst: Candor. Don't get me wrong, truth is and amazing thing and im jealous of the people who can be truthful with ease, but there are thing that you shouldn't be truthful about and it's just not right.

Wow, lol, Candor is my favorite but it seems to be disliked by many. My least favorite may be abnegation because it's so simple and people selfless, which is kind and all, but not particularly enticing...but it's hard, I find a universal truth in all of them!

The best factions for me are Dauntless and Erudite. Dauntless because I always wanted to be like them, brave, strong,... and Erudite because they are what I am the most, scientists who are hungry for knowledge.

For me the worst one is Abnegation. Selflessness is something good, but I think it can't be healthy for your soul when you're not allowed to do something good to yourself.

The best is Amity ( i love dauntless, but I can't stand to face my fears) The worst is Abnegation, why? You don't celebrate birthdays, you have to wear gray and you can look in the mirror for three months. I wouldn't choses Erudite even it's kind of the bad guy, I'm too intelligent, I won't chose Candor, because I love suits and I do believe lying is wrong ( depends). There's nothing wrong with Dauntless, but I'm coward so...

They're all good and bad in their own ways, and an ideally perfect society would have something from all of them. That said, this is my list, from best to worst:

Erudite, in theory, is the best. Knowledge is always welcome and I'm sure they would work really hard there. Arrogance and corruption make Erudite a bad place.

Amity is harmless and people are happy, living in peace and in harmony with each other. While I don't agree with the serum, I couldn't deny that this faction is one of the best.

Dauntless is supposed to be good, and I got the impression that it used to be. However, when we're introduced to it, Dauntless has been ruined already, which is a shame. Still, considering how Four wishes it was like, I'd say it can be really good.

Candor and Abnegation have traits that should be encouraged to everybody, but I consider them the worst/less necessary factions. Candor has no purpose other than making people say the truth at all times, which can be dangerous. And Abnegation won't let people think about themselves, which is also so very dangerous.

Best: Amity :3 

Worst: Dauntless 

Woo Amity! :3 

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