Do you think the main conflict in this AWESOME novel is initiation, or the revolution Erudite starts? Or maybe just the factor of being Divergent? What do you think?

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I personally see the problem in the society itself. It just doesn't work if there's only one trait you can let out through your entire life. That will drive most people (including me) crazy and just doesn't seem to be working ;)
wow you're right! I didn't even think of that! Smart Thinking
The main conflict could be Beatrice/Tris's inner conflict with herself.
I think the conflict was all. I really don't know. If I had to guess, I think it was the reveloution Erudite starts
Wow. Thats a good reply. I think that is the main conflict. Good thinking.
Another problem that is shown is that people often lose sight of what's important in what they believe in. The idea changes into something that is different and more monstrous than the original idea without people who stand up for that idea. I think she's making a point about standing up for, dare I say it, traditional values within a non-traditional setting.

The Dauntless (born and tranfers)  and Eric. 

The dauntless  be pretty scary and unpredictable. 

These are all really good thoughts and I agree with all of them. Bu there is also Tris and her fears. In order to do anything, she has to face her fears. 


Tris is different than other people and she trys to find out why and how to deal with it. But that's difficult in a society like this. Plus she's in a situation in which a few mistakes could lead to being factionless, so there's a lot of pressure on her to pass initiation. All this plays together and creates the conflict, I think.

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