anyone consider getting a tattoo that was inspired by the books? i thought about getting a dauntless tattoo b/c i like what it stands for (the real meaning, not what it became-as said in the first book), but i can decide if that's too tacky (especially 10 years from now)?? i already have several other tattoos, but i think i'll wait awhile and see if i still want it once ive been done reading insurgent for awhile!!

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..I think it’s important to protect people.  To stand up for people.  Like you did for me.  That’s what the Dauntless are supposed to do right?  That’s what courage is.  Not...hurting people for no reason.  ~Al  p. 190

‘We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.’  ~Will quoting from the Dauntless manifesto  p. 206

I'm actually getting a tattoo tomorrow.  It it's Divergent related, but it's more than just a fangirl tattoo, it means something personal to me. I've thought long and hard about it too, going back and forth and I finally decided that...hey, it means something to me, so why not.

thanks for the reply! what are you getting? i have a tattoo of a cross and nails on my back that i got when i turned 18 and ive always wanted to add something to it. i was thinking  maybe the word "dauntless" & the "2Tim 1:7" above & below it, that way it wouldn't be too obvious?

That's a good idea.  I wouldn't worry about it being obvious or not, just tell them what dauntless means, haha. 

Okay, so...I didn't know that Tobias's tattoo was going down his spine, for some reason I pictured them across his shoulder blades.  And then I found out I was wrong, but I already had my tattoo planned.  But, anywho...I'm getting the faction symbols down my spine, because I honestly think that the 5 factions together brings harmony.  And that each person has to possess some little bit of each faction to live a fulfilling life and to work together in peace. There's more, but I could go on about it forever. Hah.

Oh, god...I'm blushing. Sharing reasons for my tattoos make me so nervous.

i like it!! i get weird about sharing what my tattoos mean too. in fact, i usually just tell the tattoo artist "id rather not talk about it" when they ask if it means anything

I personally think it would be awesome to get all 5 symbols tattooed because every person should have all of those traits.

I really think it would be cool to have a thick-trunk of a tree with 5 branches coming off of it and each branch holds one of the symbols. Visualizing it looks really cool, lol.

okay its not divergent related but... i have thought long and hardd and want to get   a medium size tat on my upper side thigh,,,, it be a colored tat with a color outline so tht it almosst looks airbrushed, its a vaporeon.  it will impress me greatly if u guys tell wwhat vaporeonn is from :)

 have the pic to tht i want it. itss in a action pose

These books totally make me want to get a tattoo!  I NEVER thought I'd say I want a tattoo.  I have always been against them and piercings. But now I would like to get a tattoo of flames.

Hi! I'm new here, and this is my first post, but YES I've been wanting one too! Thanks to you all for letting me know I'm not crazy. 
I'm thinking of getting one like Tris's ravens, but on my ribcage. It's not just a fan girl thing either, it means a lot to me. 

Yay for me finding this site and finding people as obsessed as I am :D

Hello, I'm an old guy compared with the rest of you. 39 and wondering what one thinks of me getting the crowes tattoo on my collar bone... any thoughts? Be brave...

I actually drew this with water color on my arm. It's kinda divergent inspired.

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